At Zeta Tau Alpha, we believe that academics are the most important activity for every Baker student. To help each member reach her academic goals, ZTA has an established and award-winning scholarship program that is specifically catered to the needs of each member according to her proven academic abilities. 

ZTA is committed to the academic success of its members. Our chapter offers a variety of tools to help them succeed academically. These tools include peer tutoring and mentoring, mandatory study hours, access to and assistance with Baker's campus resources, a dedicated Academic Chair, an alumna advisor to monitor academic progress, and a ZTA faculty advisor who can help members create and reach their academic goals. Nearly every major is represented in Zeta, so there will always be someone there to help.

Overall, sororities have a higher GPA on Baker's campus. Sigma chapter is proud to currently have a combined GPA of 3.54.

Zetas are active in the following Honor Societies:

To learn more about ZTA Sigma's Academic presence, please feel free to contact our current Academic Chair, Cate Nearmyer. 

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