Baker University


Ryan Johns


I decided to rush because my mom was a zeta, but I decided to pledge because ZTA became home for me. The upper class-men I met my freshman year pushed me to be a leader in our chapter. Now as a graduating senior I am honored to be president of Sigma chapter. I understand this position is not usually given to a senior so I am grateful to have this opportunity. My position as president is to delegate and oversea the workings of our chapter. I am always the face of the chapter and have an open door policy for all of my members and officers. I am working with our Fall president to make our transition flawless in May before graduation! Let's make it a great semester!

Caitlin Hardgrove

Vice President I

My name is Caitlin Hardgrove and I'm from Torrance, CA. I came to Baker University to play softball. I am an Pre-Veterinarian undergraduate studying Biology and Chemistry. I really enjoy hanging out with friends and adventuring, I'm a super big adrenaline junkie and love trying new things. My favorite color is pink and my favorite food is pizza. I became a Zeta because that first moment I walked in the house on a tour everyone I met was so so genuine and welcoming I really felt like they were actually interested in me. I knew from that very first day Zeta was the only place for me. I am Zeta because of the sisterhood and family I am lucky enough to be apart of. I can always count on my sisters to be there for me to talk to, to sit on the informal couch and do nothing with, to study with, go get pizza shuttle with, watch emotional movies with for no reason at all, and always picking me up when I'm down. ZTA is my home away from home.

Rachel Wheeler

Vice President II

I chose zeta because it is the house I felt most comfortable in and I felt that the first day I walked in at house tours. I am VPII or new member coordinator and I will help the new members become a part of zeta and make sure that transition goes smoothly. I am excited to meet all the new girls and allow them to witness all the wonderful things that this house and these girls, have to offer.

Savannah Bellem

Vice President III

(pictured on the left) I am from Prairie Village, KS and am a Junior at Baker studying Sports Administration with minors in Business, Pre-Law, and Economics. Apart from Zeta, I am involved in other campus organizations such as the Softball team, Sports Administration Club, ParMentors, and I am a University Admissions Assistant. I currently hold the position of VP of Recruitment in Zeta which means I plan all events regarding recruitment. ZTA has given me so many opportunities to develop leadership positions and work as a team to reach a common goal. I have met my bestfriends (and future bridesmaids) in Zeta and it has been the reason I stayed at Baker. If you have any recruitment questions you can email me at

Mykaela Hagen


Hannah Tolliver

Risk Management

I am a part of zeta because I love the support and love I receive from all my sisters. I am serving as risk reduction and education chair and in this position I hope to promote positive and healthy life styles and work to keep my sisters safe. I'm very excited to take on this position and serve with such an awesome chapter!

Riley Swickard


I chose Zeta Tau Alpha because of the values that I share with all of its members. The sisterhood of this chapter is something so important to me, and there isn't a doubt in my mind that I have made lifelong friends from becoming a member. I am I currently Sigma's Historian-Reporter, which ultimately serves as the Public Relations manager of the house. Luckily, this position is giving me real life experience in my desired field as a Public Relations major. So needless to say, I am passionate about my work managing social media, capturing photos/videos of events and sisterhood, as well as maintaining Sigma's positive image of "love" that Zeta Tau Alpha so greatly values.

Megan Stephens

Academic Chair

I am a ZTA because I came to college searching for personal growth. I cannot express enough how much I feel like the relationships and experiences ZTA has brought me has helped to mold me into a more well-rounded individual. My position as the academic chair involves me finding ways to encourage our sisters to pursue and improve their studies as well as helping to hold each other accountable academically. I hope to build a more positive association with studying, be a helpful sister to those seeking resources and support when school gets tough, and also reward hard work while creating a more learning-friendly environment out of our study room.

Sam Mitchell

House Manager

I'm the house manager! I rushed essentially just to meet people because I came to Baker not knowing more than 5 people, but ended up loving zeta. I've luckily and thankfully met wonderful people who I know will be my friends for forever. This year as house manager I hope to organize all the responsibilities that are encompassed under being the house manager and put effort into what is essentially our first impression to guests, which is the house.

Mira Scavuzzo


I joined Zeta because it is my home away from home! The chapter has brought me so many great friends and memories. Since I am so passionate about Zeta, I have taken on the role of Treasurer.

Caroline Birt

Panhellenic Delegate

I'm Mary "Caroline" Birt and I'm the Panhellenic Delegate of Zeta Tau Alpha at Baker University! I'm a freshman at BU in Baldwin City, Kansas, home of ZTA's Sigma Chapter. It is my responsibility to act as spokesperson for our chapter at Panhellenic meetings, to keep my fellow sisters informed on all things Panhellenic and IFC, and to help promote strong relationships in the Greek community at BU. ZLAM!

Rosie Hollis

Ritual Chair

I am a Zeta because I love what we stand for. We have a strong philanthropy that impacts men and women everyday and we strive to help the break cancer foundation to help those impacted. Zeta has given me new opportunites, helped me grow as a person, and has given me life-long friendships. I love being apart of something bigger than myself. The positive attitudes and smiling faces make it nearly impossible to have a bad day. I am Ritual Chair and love learning about the values and core beliefs we hold as Zetas. I love traveling and discovering new places. My favorite hobbies include running, hammocking, roller blading, and playing with my dog.